“Anyone who can control the
technology has the world in its hands.”

Mols dedicates its resources to discovering new technologies that can make your life free from problems related to breaking your smartphone due to accidental falls. We work with the most famous researchers in Italy and abroad, we combine cutting-edge technologies with the most refined design, all this to be on par with your needs.

Three good reasons to choose MOLS?

Avoid repairs!

Minimize the risk of internal damage!

Minimize damage to the structure!

The new Force Collection!

Transparent TPU cover with reinforced edges to provide greater protection to the phone in the event of a fall. It is characterized by offering a perfect fit on the phone, enhancing its design.

Hard case with black finishes with reinforced edges to offer high protection on the phone in case of falls, bumps and scratches. The finishes and the pattern of the case allow to give the phone more personality.

Hard case for iPad with black finishes with reinforced edges to offer high protection to the tablet in case of falls, bumps and scratches. Equipped with an adjustable and rotatable grip that allows the use of the device with one hand and a hidden support for use in the stand position

Shockproof cover with rigid back and satin edges with black inserts reinforced with silicone. Thanks to its shiny and transparent back, it allows at the same time to offer good protection to the phone, enhancing its design.

The MOLS® cover is made entirely of XELION, an innovative product resulting from the best Italian research in nanotechnology. Like a shock absorber, the XELION absorbs shocks deforming itself in a non-permanent way and converts 96% of the energy generated by the impact into heat that is instantly dissipated into the environment. The end result is that less than 4% of the impact energy reaches the smartphone. At a temperature between -20 ° C and + 35 ° XELION is the best performing material on the market.